‘Bossche Boules 2021’ ‘s-Hertogenbosch - The Netherlands

‘Bossche Boules 2021’

The ‘Bossche Boules 2021’ will be held in 4 central neighbourhoods within ‘s-Hertogenbosch. In each neighbourhood mix tournaments will be organised. Each tournament exists out of 3 playing rounds. During each round every participant plays with other teammates as well as other opponents. Pre-registering is possible but not necessary.

Everyone is welcome!

Jeu de boules is a sport that can be played by everyone. You do not need much power. Also with a disability it is possible to play. You can join the ‘Bossche Boules 2021’ individually and entirely for free! It is no problem if you have no boules, there are enough available on location. Of course you can bring a friend.

When and where?

See the table below for the exact locations and dates per neighborhood. The ‘Bossche Boules 2021’ are meant for residents of that particular neighborhood or for people living close to it. If you join the tournaments you have to join the closest one to your residence. You can join for 1 evening but also for all 4 of them. Whenever you have the time. We assume that you play all 3 rounds during an evening (so from 19.00 to 21.15h).


Fun comes first but a healthy competition is always welcome. The top 4 of each neighborhood continue to the final, which will be played at the Parade in ‘s-Hertogenbosch on Wednesday 14th of July 2021. Eventually 1 player wins the ‘Bossche Boules 2021’ on behalf of their neighborhood.

Maar er is nog meer te winnen en wel de titel:
‘Bossche Bouler van het jaar 2021’

De beste 4 spelers van iedere wijk gaan namelijk door naar de finale-avond die wordt gespeeld op de Bossche Parade op woensdagavond 14 juli 2021. Ook dan wordt er een mixtoernooi met 3 speelronden georganiseerd waarbij elke speler iedere ronde met iemand uit zijn of haar eigen wijk speelt maar dan altijd tegen 2 spelers van een andere wijk. Over de 3 speelronden is er uiteindelijk maar 1 speler de beste. Hij of zij wint namens de wijk de ‘Bossche Boules 2021’ en daarmee de eerdergenoemde titel.

How to pre-register?

You can pre-register yourself via our online form. You can choose the location you want to play and how many evenings. Attention: if you want to play the finals you have to play at least 2 evenings.